Office 365 Excel Column Adding Problem

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Hello there,

I am an Office 365 user. Today, I wanted to add columns to the page of an Excel workbook I use regularly, but Excel did not allow me. I could add it up to the IV column, it doesn't seem to be after.

What is the reason I couldn't add additional columns?



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this link describes the limits in Excel

I can’t help but wonder what impels you to create a spreadsheet with that many columns in the first place. 

needing that many rows in a table: no problem. 

but to need that many columns sounds like an unmanageable spreadsheet. How would you be able to make sense of it?


would you be willing to describe why you need more columns? 

My table is the type that allows daily data data to be analyzed and shows all days of a month and every month of the year. Therefore, my table is in an order that expands to the right. However, this is my first time encountering this situation. The version I use is .xls, but when I return to .xlsx, I noticed that my columns returned to normal order.@mathetes 



That data could also be organized such that it expands the table downward by date, and still be used for whatever analytical purposes you have.


But leave it as is, if it's working.....

Thank you @mathetes