Office 365 - Excel 2016: Find feature no longer highlights text

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I am currently searching a very large file for keywords and there is only a slight outline of the row number and cell meeting my search criteria.  Previously, the cell or word would be highlighted to easily identify them.  I am hoping the Find feature did not permanently stop highlighting text/cell. 

Is there a setting to change this? 

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To my knowledge there is no such setting. However, after Find All you may select all found cells in bottom frame (with Shift + arrow down or by mouse) - all of them will be highlighted. In addition, after the selection and without closing Find windows you may apply any format to all selected cells (style, or background colour, whatever).

What are you even talking about? He is clearly asking something specific, and you are saying "shift + arrow down". What that has to do with the question?

If you don't have an answer, then don't waste the time of people searching for solutions.


@Sergei Baklan pointed out that the Find All button in the Find/Replace dialog can be used to highlight and - if desired - format all cells where the text is found.


By the way, this discussion is almost four years old. It's not clear to me why you felt it necessary to insult the very helpful top poster in this forum here...

Same problem here right now, excel from microsoft 365 apps fopr business, version 2211, looks like no one in the internet has really solved yet. First time i ran into this. @Office365userKD