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New Formatting Rule window  ?

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@emilantoncomsa You refer to Conditional Formatting perhaps?

On the Home ribbon, look for this icon

Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 15.23.25.png

If not, please clarify your question.

Ok, but I can't define new rules, my rules...! I can only select from what is proposed to me from the menu...


@emilantoncomsa Would be helpful if you could show what you are trying to achieve. Which OS are you on, which Excel version. Can you upload a workbook and clarify your needs?


By the way, never seen A1 release notes, how it differ from other SKU.

@Sergei Baklan What's "A1 release notes"? Don't follow.

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As I remember Office 365 A1 is free of charge educational SKU (compare to A3 and A5 which cost some money), thus with limited functionality. Not sure how it is released by channels and which functionality is available depends on all above.

A student who has not used conditional formatting may ask why he cannot change something...!


Hard student life... You may use Excel Online, conditional formatting shall be available in it.