Obtaining Real Time Financial index Data (FTSE100, NASDAQ etc)

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Hi Guys,

I'm struggling to set up a connection to certain specific Real Time Data on a worksheet such as FTSE100 & NASDAQ.

I can get real time Stock/Share Data no problem but am failing dismally with Indexes.


ANY help would be really appreciated.

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NASDAQ is available though.

Hi @Wyn Hopkins 

Thank you for responding.

Do I understand that you are saying that it is not possible to achieve what I want to do?

Why is it possible to get specific Stock Prices onto a worksheet but not a current FTSE100 or DOW JONES value?

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Hi @HoraceG 


Some are available some aren't - Microsoft use a company called Refinititv and they don't appear to have all indices




Another option is to use Power Query to pull the data from a public website   (see attached file)

Hi @Wyn Hopkins 


Looking Good! Will confirm tomorrow when the markets open!


Thanks for your response.

Hi Wyn,


YES! Sorted!

Yahoo Finance has a 15 minute delay but this gives me exactly what I wanted.


Once again, thanks for your help! 

Thank you very much, Wyn!