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I want to be able to have a number like "1.0"...and "1.75". I can't figure out how to do that without it making it "1" or "1.00". I can get "1.0"....but, it then changes "1.75" to "1.8" etc., etc. 

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That could be custom number format like


but I'm not sure what is your entire formatting logic.



If you need the numbers for calculations, you'd have to format each cell individually the way you want - not an attractive idea.

If not, you could format the relevant cells as Text. The cell value will then be exactly what you enter. But functions such as SUM and AVERAGE will ignore the values.

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I am keeping track of time in 1/4 of an hour increments. So, I like for one hour to look like:  1.0  And, an hour and fifteen minutes to look like:  1.25   But, I don't like the extra "0" of  1.00  or 1.50  Does that make sense?  


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agreed...a lot of work to format each cell. And, I do want/need at least the  SUM function

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Maybe try a custom number format of 0.0#




Or, if you want the decimals to line up, I think you could use 0.0?

Note: the "?" is part of the number format and intended to be punctuation.






THAT DID IT, JMB!!!  Thank you.....and, everyone else!  

Glad to hear that worked for you.