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Dear reader(s),


I am working on a scoring sheet and I need someone's help! 



A1 has the following drop down options: Arm, Head, Hand, Foot. 

In B1 I have the code:




This means that Head is 1 point worth, Hand 2 points, Foot 3 points and Arm 4 points. 


When I select "Hand" in A1, B1 shows the right value that I have set up in the code, which is "2".

When I change A1 to "Arm", B1 changes to "4".




I change the drop down menu in A1 to the following options: Select, 1, 2, 3


I change the code in B1 to



When I pick "Select" in A1, B1 says "0". Which is correct, that's what I coded in B1. 

But when I pick any of the numbers, B1 shows up empty. When I go back to Select, it says "0" (as it should). But all numbers don't work. B1 stays empty. 

What I would like is if I select "2" in A1, I want B1 to say "2" as well. When I select "3" in A1, I want B1 to say "3" as well. 


Why won't the numbers show up? 


I hope someone has an answer for me! *fingers crossed*


Kind regards,




(I am using Excel on Windows, Office 365)



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=IF(A1="Select", 0, IF(A1="", "", A1))



Can't believe the answer was so simple.

Dankje, Hans!!!