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Does anyone know if there is an excel formula or function for number transformation from digits to text? This expression has to recognize each value between 0 to 99 which we can change in a cell, and display text description in another cell.


I have tried with REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE, but obviously it does not work if I change the numbers in the first cell...

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Even on this forum there are few solutions, first I found is the formula in this thread

You may google for other variants with formula (it's always big enough) or VBA function.

Hi @emese705,


There's two different ways I can think of. If you are ok with using Macros, look this up.


The other method would be to create a table where you pre-populate the values and then using a simple vlookup you can find the match in your table.








That could be quite big table...

Thank you @Sergei Baklan,


I saw the formula, but I was hoping for a built-in formula... maybe in a couple of years.


Unfortunately no such built-in. Not sure it will be added, mainly due to complexity of localization. But who knows.

thanks! @Bennadeau