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Number format in Excel

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Hello, I have an excel file with a large number of cells where the number format needs to be 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, ect.  Every cell is a different number so I need to manually create a "custom" number format.  When I put that number in a cell, it thinks is a "date" format, i.e April 1st.  Then I have to manually change every single cell by creating a special format to each one of them based on the actual number.  How can a copy a format from one cell to multiple cells, but the number be different?   I have other numbers like 5-X, 6-X, and so on.   I need to create a number format and make that cell stay with it.  Thank you in advance. 

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@mitchell2425 Format those cells as text.
Alternatively, Excel 365 has an option (File, Options, Data tab) to stop interpreting dates during data entry. Uncheck this box:



@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thank you for the response, but I tried both options to no avail.  When I select the "text" format, it takes my number, i.e 6-1 and it returns "45444".  I went to Excel options, de-selected the option you told me and it does the same.   I can't imagine in Excel I can just set up a totally freeform format to do what I need.  See image below with the cells I need to be able to have freeform text.




Correction. I used text and was able to do it.