number cells in increasing order

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How can i place numbers in the cells increasing in order from a column numbering such as 1,2,3,4,5 ???

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@fclusters If you are on a modern Excel version the formula below will generate a number sequence from 1 to 25 (just an example) from left to right, starting in the cell where you enter it.




If you have an older Excel version that does not support the SEQUENCE function enter 1 in the first cell, let's say A1. Then enter in B1, =A1+1 , and copy it to the right as far as needed.



thank you.  that formula works great to number the cells right to left in a row.  what formula to use to number a column top to bottom ?? 



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Thank you so much. i have been struggling with this using the old method with the new version of excel.
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