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When using a spreadsheet and have set it to NOT display any gridlines, when locking the top row, there is a horizontal line that is still visible.  How can I get the line to NOT show when locking the top row.


If this is not possible, I would like to submit an enhancement request to have excel updated to not show ANY lines when “Gridlines” has been unselected.

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If you mean the Freeze Panes feature, that line indicates which part of the sheet is "frozen".

I don't think Microsoft would be willing to implement your request. It would be very confusing for users not to be able to see which rows and/or columns have been frozen (if any).

Thanks for your reply as to what you think Microsoft are or are not willing to do. I would like to get an enhancement request submitted to them to actually follow their own features. In this example when Gridlines are unselected then ALL gridlines or any other lines should not be visible. As far as those who may be confused, we can't control or should speculate on how they may or may not react. It would be great if we as users could actually control what we do and do not see regarding lines.


You can submit your suggestion through File > Feedback > Send a Suggestion in Excel.

Perfect! That’s what I asked for in the first place, but was directed to the community instead of the answer.

@Hans Vogelaar 


I'm not sure what to do with this but let me explain it and maybe you can either forward this to the correct person or let me know who to contact.


I received an email today asking me if I got the answer I needed.  I replied that I did not, but was directed to the correct place to submit an enhancement request.  I then received a message that my email reply was blocked for spam with a useless message on how to fix it.  What is there to fix? It was one simple email reply.  In the email was a link for "Was this helpful? Send feedback to Microsoft", so I attempted to use the link so I can send feedback, but now got message that the page I was looking for can't be found.


Can you let me know who I should report this too?











Thanks for all the help you give us in the Excel community! 






@jguymon that's better to publish here Community Lounge - Microsoft Tech Community or report to

You can copy the content to new Excel file.
I'm sorry, but what does copying the content to a new Excel file have to do with making sure that ALL the gridlines are not showing when locking the top row?
You could always stop using freeze panes if you do not like seeing the visible cues that indicate such panes. If you use Tables, names of the columns then appears in place of the sheet column number (normally represented by a strange sequence of letters so there is much scope for improvement)

I need the top row to be fixed. I keep all my macro buttons on the top row and do not want ANY lines shown unless I activate them myself. If I can't hide the line, how can I change the line color?  Regarding the macro buttons,  I set the button to "Don't move or size with cells", but when I scroll the page the button moves.

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I think you are out of luck; if you need to freeze the first row, Excel will show the border.  It is possible to use the ribbon as an alternative means of control, either with xml or by using an add-in such as

Home (

Otherwise you could always format the 'button bar' and pretend you actually wanted the feature!


I'll make that work and let this "beat to death" issue go away.

Thanks for the help!