Not able to fillup continuous dates using Autofill option or Fill handle.

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I want to fill up the excel cells with continuous date but while using fill handle the date get repeated.

Here i want continuous dates in the following cellsHere i want continuous dates in the following cells

Here i want to continue dates to the following cells.







Here you see that i used the fill handle but  the dates gets repeated.Here you see that i used the fill handle but the dates gets repeated.

Now as i use fill handle to fill up the dates, the dates gets repeated.

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It is highly likely that your existing cells do not contain Excel dates, but instead contain text (a string of characters) that look like dates. Clue: Excel dates are numbers, so they are usually right-aligned in their cells.

To confirm this, you can use the TYPE function: Put the formula =TYPE(A1) into an unused cell; if the result is 2, A1 contains text; if the result is 1 (indicating a number), the problem is something else.


Note: Just changing the cell format to Date does not fix this problem.  Recommend that you delete the content of your four cells, select the entire column A, change the format to General, and re-enter the values.



Right click the + pull handle, drag one cell down then drag it back to its original position, this will pop up:


Select series> select columns> at the stop value enter the end date







First, one has to make sure that the first cell does contain the date. Then, simply select the first cell, right click the pull handle, go down as far as you would like, and select Fill Days, Fill Weekdays, Fill Months or Fill Years and it works just fine.