No spell check on excel

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Using office 365, but there is no spell check icon in the review tab in excel. I’m using an iPad 2018.  Spell check is working in word and power point, just not excel. 

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Hi! My Excel version might be different than yours so I can't look for that tool on my end. Please check this topic and see if there is an answer there or someone that can help you:


I have the exact same error and it feels like I am going crazy this morning :). I can't find any help om the web on this. I am working on a spreadsheet in excel on my iPad which I have to admit I do not often do, and the review menu option does not contain any of the options in the rest of the Office 365 suite. It only has comments, show comments, convert all notes, and restrict permissions. None of the options that I see in Word for example. 


Hi, @Nardus77. I do not use an iPad, so I am not familiar with the Excel or Word versions and corresponding features for that system/device. Sorry that I can't be of greater help.