No Recommended Charts Available for PivotTable (mac)

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Hello there! I'm new to studying PivotTables. I'm trying to create charts using my PivotTable through Recommended Charts, however, it says that there are no recommended charts for the data I selected (please refer to pic of pivottable below). I am using MacOS Ventura 13.2.1 and I have version 16.72 for Excel.




I have tried changing their cell format to 'Number' however it did not work. I tried to paste them as values which worked, but I was wondering if there was any way I could get recommended charts without having to copy-paste-as-values (to get a chart similar to the last pic)? 



(result when I tried to copy-paste the pivottable)



(target result)


Thank you very much!!!

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@joycedia Let's begin by looking at the last picture. That's a Pivot Chart made in Excel for the PC (i.e. on a Windows computer). So, you will never get a chart with the filter buttons inside it on a Mac.


Then, once you have made a pivot table from a data source, Excel can no longer suggest a "recommended chart" as the analysis has already been made in the pivot table. All you can do is create a pivot chart from that pivot table and reformat its components via the Design ribbon that appears when you select the chart.


Alternatively, select "Recommended pivot table" from the Insert ribbon to create a pivot table first and then add a Pivot Chart based on that table. If you are lucky you will get something you like. But, in most cases, the recommendations will not give you very useful suggestions.


Better to learn the basics of Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and regular charts and obtain an understanding of how they work than to rely on Excel's built-in suggestions.