No option to load JSON file into EXCEL?

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Fresh download of Office 365 today.


Data - Get Data has no menu item to import (load) JSON file.


Why not?

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Hello @JSTcanuck99 Did you check From File Drop Down? If its not there please let us know what is the version and build numbers and maybe you can try and update again. Maybe something happened during the download???
Data - New Query - From File - From Text
opens file directory where I change .txt to all file types
then load .JSON file type.

Where do I see version and build info?



Hum@JSTcanuck99  That is strange when you get to From File you do not see the From JSON option?

You can see the installation information by using the File menu then all the way on the bottom choose Account and then About Excel and you will see the version and build numbers near the top of the displayed dialog.

Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2209 Build 16.0.15629.20152) 64-bit

Hope this gives some clues?

Without direct JSON import, the effort to create a table is overwhelming.


Does the command appear if you enter "json" in the MS search bar like this?





How to do this from inside EXCEL?


The MS Search bar is top-center: