No One Seems to Know The Answer...Can you help with this "Simple" Excel issue? Please pretty please.

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See 2 min video and you'll understand.

video: ...

2 people said they thought it looked like the "automatically insert a decimal point" is enabled if on a PC and it needs to be unselected/unchecked. 

But on Mac when I hit  "Command," and go to edit it shows that the "display this number of decimals" is not selected by default. Is there somewhere else I need to go, different setting?

I am on a Mac using Excel version 16.28

If anyone knows what issue is and how to fix, I would be so grateful, this is driving me nuts for sure.

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I am a Windows user but I am sure that you need to change the regional setting for changing the decimal separator and the date format.

You may change them in your System Preferences --> Language & Region --> Advanced --> and in there, you may change the decimal separator from comman to a period and date format as per your requirement.

When you input 9/2, Excel takes 9 as month and 2 as day and it returns 2/9 which would be equivalent to the 2nd September. Try to insert a year also and see what date do you get.




Thank you very much for the response. Your response helped me to solve the date issue, but the other problem with the 12.95 amount is still not working.  When I put 12.95 it is changing it to this weird .5697? Any idea how to fix that?


@Subodh_Tiwari_sktneer  Actually, that was weird, it was not working for the 12.95 issue, but now it seems to be working. I just deleted those cells and now it works when I type 12.95 it actually stays as 12.95.

I think issue is solved. So for mac I had to change my actual Mac settings. It was on Indonesia, instead of US because I got computer repaired in Bali like 2 years ago and those guys must've changed my setting and never put it back. Craziness. 


For Mac OS version 10.10.1, please follow these instructions:

  1. Close the Excel application
  2. Click on the Apple button
  3. Select System Preferences
  4. Select Language and Region
  5. Click Advanced
  6. Change the Decimal separator from a comma (,) to a full stop (.)
  7. Then click on Ok/Save
  8. Test the Excel import again


Great! Glad your issue has been fixed.

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@Subodh_Tiwari_sktneer I marked your post as best response. I do not see anywhere to accept as answer?



Thanks! Marking a post as Best Response is same as accepting a post as an Answer.

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