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When I get to know that there is no name manager in excel online, I got a shock by this. Now tell me how to name formulas and ranges without the name manager?? 

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Short answer is to use Excel 365 desktop on Windows. All other versions (Excel for web, Excel on Mac, Excel mobile, etc) have limited functionality compare to it.


Excel for web is developed quite fast, perhaps this functionality will be available as well relatively in a short while.

Why is there no "Name Manager" (GESTIONE NOMI in Italian) in the Excel version for macOS on the FORMULAS tab?

On Windows, I can edit, delete cell names, on Mac it is not possible.



1 Photo: MacOS

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Sorry, I have no experience with Excel for Mac, perhaps @Riny_van_Eekelen could clarify.

@lorenzocs There is no Name Manager in MacOs. It's what you show in your picture "Define Name" (see picture) where you add, delete and edit named ranges/formulae. But there is nothing that compares to the Name Manager in the Windows version.

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I tried “Define Name” but i can only name a cell. I can’t edit/delete a given name...could you show me how it’s done on Mac?
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@lorenzocs Let's say I want to name the range A1:A20 "myNamedRange"

Step 1: Formula ribbon, Define Name

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Step 2: Enter the name you want to use, click in the "Select the range......" field.

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Step 3: Click on the "collapse"-button (far right in the "Select the range....." field) and select the range to be named (or directly write the reference of the range as indicated). Press OK.

Screenshot 2021-05-09 at 06.21.51.pngScreenshot 2021-05-09 at 06.22.02.png

Step 4: Select A1:A20. In the Name box, you can now see the name given to that specific range.

Screenshot 2021-05-09 at 06.22.40.png

Step 5: In the Define Name window, you can now see the named range that you just created. Edit (change name and/reference) or Delete (the minus sign) or Create a new one (the plus sign). 

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A lot of thanks to you! I didn’t understand how to was only the minus sign...


The lack of any controls, event handlers and name management in 365 online all came as something of a shock to me.  Any names present in a workbook ported from the pc desktop still work and names appear in the type script object model.  It might therefore be possible to upload names/comments/&formulas from the grid to the workbook using the automate functionality.  I have still to try this though.

I agree, no name manager is an issue.

A possible workaround for some naming would be to use Office Scripts. For example, you would be able to set the name of a table using table.setName(name).

@Riny_van_Eekelen My excel for mac version 16.58 does have it, but my colleague with the same version of excel does not. Any insights?Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.48.31 AM.png

@iamseb Don't. My original response is quite old. At the time (i.e. May 2021) Excel for the Mac did not have a Name Manager. But a few months ago it did show up in my MS365 subscription Excel version. and I'm an Insider as well. Not sure if it has been rolled out to all.

The lack of named ranges and named functions in the online version together with the impossibility to dynamically import ranges from another online sheet (importrange) are the main reasons my company cannot switch to Excel. It is very strange that Microsoft doesn't understand that modern companies want to have their data in the cloud and nothing on the PCs of their employees.


I agree.  I am mobile (on the road) often and need to easily amend my Excel worksheets from my mobile phone.  I just discovered the lack of named cell functionality.  Does anyone know when Microsoft intend to roll out this feature in the Excel application for Android phones?  I am using version 1.0.1 (16.0.16130.20188).

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Sergei is apparently correct. One must not use the Excel for Android version 1.0.1, which provides no ability to name cells. Nor does it allow you to edit or use names in your formulas. It does allow already existing names to work, but no other functionality is offered.