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I cannot find the formula auto-suggestion when I type "=". No auto-suggestion of the formula shows up in any of my excel sheets.
However, I have checked the formula section under "Options" where the "Formula autocomplete" feature is turned ON.

Please need your help!

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Hello @Erfan117,


Begin typing a formula such as "=a" then simultaneously press Alt + Down Arrow.

@PReagan Thanks. I tried that, again. Still not working.



Perhaps you may have accidentally disabled the "Show function ScreenTips" option:

Go to Options, Advanced, Display, check "Show function ScreenTips".





@PReagan Thanks for your time! But the main issue was a pending windows update! 



You're welcome! Glad that you were able to sort it out!

@PReagan Hey! Guess what! The issue is back again. It is really getting annoying! The last option that you asked to tick is already ticked. I cannot understand whats going on!



Unfortunately, I think this may be beyond my depth of Excel knowledge. If a pending windows update was the solution last time, then I can only make the assumption that it has something to do with the windows update that you installed or that you do not have the most current windows update. However, I will have to defer to the rest of the community for a more concrete answer.


With the permission of everyone involved,

In Microsoft Excel, the Auto-Complete feature may not fill in the remaining characters if the algorithm that Excel uses detects a header row in the list.

Auto-Complete may not work


I hope I was able to contribute a little to the solution or to the identification of the cause



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