No deja eliminar filas no contiguas

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Tengo office 365. En algunos excel (todos del mismo origen) no me deja eliminar columnas no contiguas (adecuadamente seleccionadas). La opción de eliminar está en gris claro. Las celdas no están bloqueadas (mirando en configuración de celdas) y si me deja eliminar columnas y filas contiguas. Gracias

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You cannot delete entire non-contiguous columns if they intersect a table.

If you select only the table columns, you will be able to delete them.

@Hans Vogelaar Thank you for your answer, but I have some doubts

Why do you know with the image I sent that it is intersected by a table? how can I solve that? What do I have to do to convert everything to the same table? In others excel's files I select non-contiguous columns with ctrl + click and delete them without problems.

Thank you

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The ribbon has a tab Diseño (under Herramientas de Tabla) - this indicates that the selection intersects a table.

You can convert the table to a normal range as follows:

Click in any cell of the table, for example FJ1.

Activate the Diseño tab.

Click Convertir en Rango.

Alternatively, right-click anywhere in the table, and select Tabla > Convertir en Rango from the context menu.

You can now delete non-contiguous columns.

Thank yoy very much!! I have to edit 90 files, deletting, in each file, a lot of columns no-contigous. Your help save me so much time.