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If you’re new to Excel, or even if you have some experience with it, you can walk through our most requested features in this tour. With real-world examples and helpful visuals, you’ll be able to sum, fill, sort, filter, and pivot like a pro. Download the template now. 



Please note that this template only applies to Excel 2013 and 2016 for Windows.

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Took a look through - useful stuff

Perhaps to keep on the top with the title "Please check this before ask the question"...



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I looked throught your document but unfortunately it didn't help me. In fact, i have a very big database and I would like to delete the rows in which some cells equals to 0. At first, I wanted the cells to be blank so I unticked the "Show a zero in cells that have zero values" checkbox and tried to delete the blank cells but it didn't work as the cells weren't really blank. So I'd like to know if it was possible to use a formula that can delete rows in which some cells are equals to zero.


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Hi Fanny,


Straightforward manual variant could be like this (assuming for this example your zero cells are in one column). Select this column and apply Filter in Data tab of Ribbon



Filter only cells which you want to delete (with zeros) 



Select them and Delete Rows from right click menu



You see only the filter now



Expand filter and select all




Now you have all your rows but ones with zeros



If such transformation is repeating operation better to use Get&Transform then. And be sure you have a backup before deleting.

This is really helpfull! Thank you for sharing the link!

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useful info but it didnt answer what i was looking for, how do i transfer data from a 2017 workbook to a 2018 workbook? 

Not sure I totally understand the Q. There is no Excel 2017 or 2018. Asuming you mean a workbook with data from 2017 and you like to import that data in a new workbook your creating for 2018. In that case Get & Transform is your friend. Click on the Data tab / get Data / From File and select Excel as the data source. You are now able to import the data (and clean it if needed) from the other Excel file. Bonus is that if you update the 2017 file it will refresh in the 2018 file as well.

No, 2017 and 2918 are the names of my excel workbooks. I'm using Excel 2013, i want to transfer data from one excel workbook to another exel workbook


This is amazing! My mom could even learn Excel with this interactive spreadsheet. Thank you. (Well, OK, realistically my 84-year-old mother has no idea what a spreadsheet is, so...)


I've been using Excel since the dawn of time, and I learned so many cool tricks just using the first 2 lessons. Wonderful work! This will help TONS of people access the power of Microsoft Excel.

Bonjour à tous et à toute, je travaille sur Win10 (64bits) et dans mon excel 2013 qaund je fais clic droit et je choisis controles supplementaires, rien se produit. du coup, je ne peux pas choisir un autre outil. Comment puis-je résoudre ce problème s'il vous plait?

Veuillez pardonner mon français (je dois pratiquer, alors merci pour l'opportunité). Je pense que ils ont eu un peu des problemmes avec cette "build" et les commandes quand on fais le click droit. Quelle outil voulez-vous utiliser? Ca peut m'aide a vous aider!

Deseo: 1) saber cómo puedo insertar el número de página en un una celda de un libro de excell, pero que no sea en el encabezado, si no en un celda cualquiera. 2) como puedo hacer que se vea la línea de los encabezados en excell? gracias

Congratulations for a job well done, it is a really good tool for Excel beginners.


Please help- 


I am lost - I just don't understand the logic of MS - I want to take the template of weekly assignment and create duplicate sheets that are formatted in the same way but every time I add a sheet it is not formatted and when I try to copy and paste it looks awful. How can I make this? 

Hi Crystal,

If you right-click in the sheetname tab at the bottom you can create an exact copy.

Alternatively hold the Ctrl key while dragging the sheet tab name to the right.