new version of Excel will not allow me to copy the contents of multiple cells and paste them into

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With the new version of Excel, I can no longer copy the contents of multiple cells at one time and paste them into a comment on another excel worksheet.  This has really slowed down my work production.  Is there a fix for this?  It is driving me crazy.

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@Winnstan58   Could you explain what the underlying purpose or goal is here. I ask because it sounds like what you're doing is an ineffecient or less than ideal way to use Excel in the first if you could explain the purpose--maybe a bit about what the workbook is about, what this "copy and paste" procedure is meant to do--some of us could help.


On the surface, it sounds as if you're trying to keep a record of what values (the contents of the cells being copied) were at one time. If that IS the case, there are other far more effective ways to keep historical records in Excel. But that was just a guess. Your description would go a long way toward enabling some of us to offer suggestions or help.

I cant use the function outfill






and then when I want to autofill it change all cells to No 1.

I´ve tried to right click but it only gives me functions I don´t need. When I compare with my work computer the possibility to auto fill comes up among a lot of other options. I have a NEW version on my own computer and my work computer has an old version of excel - and there auto fill works. HELP


You have tagged on to an old message thread with a new question. Somewhat related, but I'd like to recommend that you start an altogether new thread. And when you do, if you could attach a copy of the spreadsheet you're describing.... I for one don't even know what "the function outfill" is. Or was that a misprint, when you mean autofill?
No, I believe he's trying to do what he used to be able to do which is copy information from one cell to another or to several others. We've lost that functionality and the ability to copy a formula and apply it to all the cells underneath! This is nuts! No one seems to have a fix here!