New User: Is there a way to create a sumifs function that is dynamic to an increasing data sheet

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I receive a monthly ageing receivables sheet from a colleague and have to manually enter the arguments into the sheet in order to get a chart to use in my presentations.


Usually this sheet has blanks and certain variables such as retention receivables that requires manual entrys to sort into the correct format.


Is there a way to make this dynamic so when I receive the monthly update I can just copy the table from the previous month (or utilise a seperate sheet) in order to save time?

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The answer is most likely a "Yes" but it's truly hard to be more specific without a more specific idea of what you're dealing with. Is it possible for you to post a copy of the spreadsheets you are working with? Not just an image, but actual spreadsheets. If you're prevented (new users sometimes are blocked from attaching files), you can send me a personal message through clicking on my user name, and attach the files to that personal message.