New to Excel- Formula, macro or some othwr method

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Background- I am trying to create a test where answers are done in 1 tab and they can see the results on the second tab. So far I have created a tab that has questions with 2 choices per drop down (either a /b or c/d). I also created a small table to provide the count of how many of each answer.

Question - how can I get Excel to use that info to output a response based on the 2 highest count. So for example a=6, b=2, c=7, d=4
The top 2 are a and c so I want the outcome to show Blue. The test is set so the only outcomes can be
A/C, A/D, B/C, or B/D. Is there a formula or a macro or some other method I can use to calculate a response of the name of a color based on the combination outcome of the 2 highest count?
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