New "Automate" tab in Everybody's Excel Online Except Mine

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I had the Office Admin turn on the Office Scripts feature in Excel and it is working in everybody's Excel Online except for my computer. I thought maybe if I removed all my Office Add-Ins that it would help, but I still can't see the "Automate" tab in my Excel Online. I looked at 6 other co-worker's Excel Online and they all had the "Automate" tab. Why can I not see the "Automate" tab? 

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There are two possible fixes for this:
1. Clear out your cookies
2. Enable third party cookies (this one is mandatory for the Automate tab to appear I'm afraid)

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


I've cleared cookies, made sure 3rd party cookies are enabled, and my admin verified that Office Scripts are enabled for all. I have a E3 license. Any other ideas? I nor my admin get the automate ribbon. I've tried different computers and browsers. 

@tjb8907 all of my co-workers received the "Automate" tab before me. It took about 19 hours later for me to finally get it. Please allow 24-48 hours after the admin turns it on.


The weird thing is, is that the admin setting was already on. I had them diasable and re-enable it, so maybe it will work tomorrow or next day. 

@tjb8907  is it turned on for you yet?

A trial E5 license was enabled for me on Wednesday for me to try the Automate tab. I have all cookies enabled, and the IT team say it is enabled in their Admin centre. However, the Automate tab is not showing up. Any ideas?



No, and we turned it off for about 2 days, and back on again and have waited close to 48 hrs again and still nothing. 


I also started a trial with for a O365 App account, which should include it, and I don't get it there either. Others in my organization don't either, though so it definitely seems like a account/server thing, not a specific computer issue. Not sure where to go now. Would really like to use this. 

@tjb8907 Is it possible for us to get the session-ID.

File > About > Session ID. This will help with the investigations. 



@Sudhi Ramamurthy 


@Sudhi Ramamurthy 


mine is e2efb0dc-5b1b-470a-b760-1047b31868c1



Thanks for posting it. I will forward to the technical team. 

I also learnt from the product team that we are slowly rolling out the available by default (without having to turn on by default) starting with targeted release users. At this moment while this rollout is in progress, the ability to turn-on by admin is not going to work. If you are not in the target release user base (I think this is picked randomly), you may not be able to access the feature depending on where we are in the rollout process and which audience group you are in. This may sound confusing - but the short answer is within few weeks Automate tab will appear for all users and during this process new users can't turn on by opting in. 


Hope that helps. 

@Sudhi Ramamurthy 


Yes that helps a wonder I can't get it! That would have been nice to see that info posted in the articles about enabling it! Thanks for checking!

@Sudhi Ramamurthy 


Hi there, 


We're experiencing the same issue - my session ID is as follows: ea6002b6-f83e-4849-8dd6-706ba159b2f9.


 "Within a few weeks" seems a bit vague.  What's the deadline for the feature to be rolled out to everyone, if there is one.

@Sudhi Ramamurthy Hi, I have the same problem.


Could it be because I have Swedish as language? My session-id is 06e745e0-a18d-4535-ac1e-f88c5ca631ed if you could please have a look.

@LConstruction mine has shown up. Sadly, I can't find a way to get it to trigger a Power Query refresh!


Power Query refresh doesn't work in Excel Online (hope so far), doesn't matter if you initiate it manually or by script. Workarounds are

- refresh in desktop app

- if data is added to data model, connect file to Power BI workspace and schedule refresh in it. Or refresh manually here, or by Power Automate.

@Sergei Baklan yes agreed. Trying to move away from Task Scheduler refreshes of Power Query + VBA though, and we have some use cases where Excel beats Power BI still, so really hoping automated refresh comes to Excel online.


If under automated refresh you mean scheduled one, Power BI workspace could be an option. Add data returned by Power Query to data model, connect to workspace, schedule refresh and forget about this workspace, work with Excel as usual. The only minus such refresh fails if the file is opened / checked-out by someone.