New File within workbook

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I have several files within a workbook, but can't open a new one within the same workbook.  Used to be simple

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Hi, are you referring to adding new sheets to a workbook, or opening multiple Excel files in the same instance of Excel?

When I open excel I have a list of files/workbooks or whatever to choose from.  Within each one I have a new list of files(?) to choose from.  In each of those are various work sheets. I want to set up a new file for some different worksheets within the last set of lists.



With the permission of everyone involved, if I may recommend, add a file (without sensitive data) with your problem, name your Excel version as well as your operating system. Describe the problem based on the file, version and, if necessary, OS.
In this way, you can be offered a solution proposal much faster and more precisely.

I have the latest installment of Windows/Office 365 from last May. I have Windows 10 on this computer.@Nikolino