New Excel table is saved in compatability mode

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New Excel table is saved in compatibility mode. There is a Table Design tab on the ribbon, but I want to do a Split table. I don't see any option for that. Under Table Tools one item says it is disabled because the table is in compatibility mode.

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'Split table' is a command available for tables when working in Microsoft Word. How would you like to modify the Excel table?

BTW - if you'd like to get out of compatability mode, you can go to File menu | Info and click the convert button to convert the workbook to an XLSX.


there is no convert button under file. 
and why is a. new file created in the old format?

Ok. I found it under file info convert. Do I need to set something to get new files created in xlsx?
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Make sure this is set:



If the workbook is being exported from another application. the file format would be determined by that app.  

Thanks. I think I have it now.


Yes, it answered my question.