New dynamic array functions not available in latest Excel version

Tieme Woldman
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I have Excel Version 1907 (Build 11901.20176) and according to the list of new features

 this version should include the new dynamic array functions (FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE and RANDARRAY). But the new function aren't available in my Excel.

Any ideas on this?


Thanks in advance.




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@Tieme Woldman 

But according to this the new functions are not part of Build 11901.20176.


@Tieme Woldman 

With help from MS technical support I was able to solve this.

I wanted to use Excel’s dynamic array functions (e.g. Filter(), RandArray()).

I am an Office 365 Home Subscriber.

I was using version 1907 Build 11901.20176.

Per MS support suggestion, I joined Insider and subscribed to the insider newsletter.

It took about 10 minutes but eventually, new updates became available to Excel. (File->Account->Office Updates). 

After downloading the updates, I closed and restarted Excel.

The functions are now available to me.2019-08-07 14_04_33-Book1 - Excel.jpg

@Tieme Woldman 

Enjoy the new functionality.  As good as they are, the new functions are only part of the story.  Instead of array formulae being the exception as in normal spreadsheet development, it is now rare that one needs to use anything but array formulas.  One's whole mindset can change and copying single cell formulas becomes a thing of the past!  

@Peter Bartholomew @Grosner @Detlef Lewin 

I installed the latest insider update (I'm om Office Pro Plus and had to update through Office deployment) and now the new (stunning) functionality is available.


Thanks for your support.

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