New data types not showing in Excel, though I have a 365 subscription

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I can see the Stocks and Geography data types, but I know there are several more that have been in the recent past (automatic, food, etc.). I have an active subscription, I've tried the online repair for MS products - the data types are still not showing up. Any suggestions?

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General availability was announced few days ago New data types and smart templates powered by Wolfram are now generally available - Microsoft Tech C...

Availability depends on your subscription (consumer or business and which one) and I guess on channel (semi-annual or current, most probably availably only for the latest).

Plus functionality is deployed gradually, it takes time, up to few weeks, from announcement to deployment for all users.

@ajjava Do you by any chance have a Business subscription? If so, you'll have to wait. Like me. Only Family and Personal subscribers have access to the new data types.

It is a personal subscription. I guess I'll just keep checking for availability. I can't wait to try out the new types! Thanks!

Hi there

I have a Microsft 365 Enterprise subscription as we are MSP, but that option(s) for Currency etc is not available in Excel. I have uninstalled, re-installed, and repaired, the same issue. I also don't get an option to Join Office Insider? Any ideas anyone?

@compufreak The new Wolfram data types were discontinued a few weeks ago. See link below. 


These are the types that remain


If you are looking for currency info in particular, you can type e.g. USD/EUR in a cell and data type it as Stocks.