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Hey all, I'm first time poster so please cut me a little slack, it's very much appreciated. I've just bought this phone so I'm still very much learning to use it with various apps etc. So using excel after quite a bit of time away from it I find that they've created these two columns to the left of the row heading letters, I've never seen this before, can anyone advise me where to look and most importantly to learn what this is? I don't like them, especially on a mobile and I can't find any information about it... thanks in advance, cheers

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"They" didn't do anything. You must have added the outline (that's how it's called) yourself or someone else did. More about outlines in the link below.

Outline (group) data in a worksheet - Microsoft Support

You mention that you are using Excel on a mobile. I believe you cant remove an outline on that platform, so you'll have to do that on a desktop or in the web version. Both are mentioned in the link.