Networkdays and Datedif function

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Duration:  NETWORKDAYS.INTL and DATEIF is returning odd number expressed in percentage.


Start Date:  8/1/2022

End Date:  8/3/2022

Duration formula:  NETWORKDAYS.INTL

Progress Formula:  =DATEDIF(D4, TODAY(), "D")/F4 and is returning 133%


Is there an issue here?  Or is there a better alternative function for this scenario.

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What does D4 contain?

What does F4 contain?


NETWORKDAYS.INT returns number of work days IN the period, includes start and end date. If start date is Aug 01, end date is Aug 03 - it returns 3. Aug 01, 02, 03 are calculated.

DATEDIF(start, end, "D") says how many days BETWEEN start and end. As a comment, =end-start returns the same, that's equivalent of above formula.

For above start and end it returns 2. Aug 01 + 2 = Aug 03.