Network Connection Error in Excel

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I get the following error when trying to access Help in Excel.


Sorry, something went wrong. Please check your network connection and try again.


My wireless network is fine. I get internet access on my laptop and iPhone, so I know it is not my home network.


Any known issues?

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I have the same problem.


Bob, as I live and breathe, and online with the Microsoft Support Rep, the network error went away, and Excel Help was working. Of course, the rep said perhaps a glitch. Ya think? Anyway, since MS Word Help was working, there was probably some issue with Excel. In the future, I suggested that I might trying rebooting my laptop, since I rarely turn it off. Still have one SSD program drive and 7200 RPM data drive.

Anyway, the rep regurgitated back what I already said...I would do (hard reboot) in the future. Smart guy. My suggestion to you is to leave Excel open for a while and allow the network glitch to perhaps reset, like mine did, or do a hard reboot and try again. Since the Help recovery last night, I just checked Excel and Help is still working.

Good luck!
Thanks, mine is working ok now as well!



What is a "hard reboot"?  As opposed to a reboot? 


I've seen this before several times. The M365 account is offline or there's an account error.
File | Account | Sign out then sign back in.


Doesn't matter about the subtleties of reboot types.

It was Outlook I was having the problem with, but same issue really.  Anyway.  Stooped and started Outlook again.  All working.  Sigh!!

I have been getting this problem for over a week with Excel and re-boots/restarts don't seem to make any difference. It is only in Excel as Word and Outlook are fine. ?????



Hard reboot is when you select Windows Icon at the bottom left, then select Power > Shutdown. After shutdown, you simply restart your computer/laptop. Soft reboot is Windows icon, and then Power > Restart, which means the computer does not shut down or turn off. It just reboots warm (with power on).  Hope that helps.

You might try letting Excel sit there open for a while. Help did not display initially, but after some time period, it displayed in the app. Obviously, even O365 reps don't know what the issue is either. Mine just started working after several minutes with Excel open.
Problem not solved. No help Reboot and wait does nothing been like this for weeks.