Nested Loop

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Hi,  I am trying to do a nested Loop with a Do Until and a While.  See attached.  

when starting the loop it ignores the outside loop but do the inside loop perfectly.   

Outside loop to be done for every name while the inside loop do the name for a specified amount of times.

Please help 

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If order isn't important, and assuming your names are in B4:B7, number of tickets is in Column H, and you want the list to start in O3 (change ranges as needed), then you could try:


Sub test()
     Dim cell As Range
     Dim dest As Range
     Set dest = Range("O3")
     For Each cell In Range("B4:B7")
          If Len(dest.Value) > 0 Then
               Set dest = Cells(Rows.Count, dest.Column).End(xlUp)(2, 1)
          End If
          dest.Resize(Intersect(cell.EntireRow, Range("H:H")).Value, 1).Value = cell.Value
     Next cell
End Sub



Thanks for your help.  It works perfectly.  I just had to remove the "end if" statement.  It presented a compile error " End If without block If " 


In your answer, how did you tell the system to dublicate the name eg 7 times ?  I don't get that part of the makro.



By resizing the range: destCell.Resize(rowsize, colsize) where rowsize equals the value that is in Column H. Excel can read/write a block of cells at once - it's Range("O3:O9").Value = "Name" instead of doing one cell at a time.