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Dear excel gods, im currently creating a complete mathmatical excel spreadsheet. basicly im making a spreadsheet that has all fasits of math in the one spread sheet and ive finished this section but i notised an error in my nested if statement in that it is not fcompleted the reson i created this formula is to get multiple imputs for places and to use different sums in responce if a value is not there.


what im in need of is a way to quickly create a nested if form (below is an example of what kind of thing im talking about)

This is a simple intrest segment of my sheet

excel screen shot.jpg


BTW if you know of a way to simplifi this plz help

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It looks to me as if you might be better served by the IFS function, rather than a long multi-layered nested set of IF functions. Here's a good resource to help understand how the IFS function works.


If you want more help, may I recommend you attach an actual copy of the actual spreadsheet--so long as it contains no confidential information. An image doesn't go very far in helping us help you.