Nested if function

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Hello I am doing an excel sheet to collect data,

I want to put 3 cells

One containing patient's sex : 0 male 1 female 

One containing hemoglobin level : eg 12 

One containing anemia : 0 = no anemia 1 = presence of anemia

However for male patients, a patient is considered anemic if hemoglobin < 14 for males and hemoglobin < 12 for females

Could somebody please help me put a function that automatically fills 1 or 0 s (for anemia or absence of anemia) 

Using a nested IF formula, I have tried many times but with syntax errors, could somebody help me please find a working function ?

Any help is appreciated,

Thank you Joe 

PS : My experience with excel is pretty limited

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Let's say Patient Sex is in B2 and down, and Hemoglobin Level is in C2 and down.

The formula for Anemia in row 2 would be







This formula worked :
The other didn't
Thank you a lot Hans


Variant of it

=--( C2 < 12 + (B2 = 0) )
Okay, thank you Sergei