Needs a formula to return true if a cell contains three or more consecutive letters

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For ex:

98ABCD8 returns true

98XYZ99 returns true

88DG987 returns false

Help me here, please. Needs a formula rather than a VBA code. Thank you


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A simple solution could be:




If you have Microsoft 365 or Office 2021:



I am using office 2013. And this formula returned pop-up error.
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That formula won't work in Office 2013.

Try this. It is an array formula that has to be confirmed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

With a value such as 12ABS34 in A2:




The formula can be filled down if required.

First, thanks a ton, that formula works, exactly what I needed.
Second, I am just a layman, knows basic and doesn't even begin to understand how that formula of yours work.
Thanks again.
a loooong formula but perhaps easier to understand?

Replace everything that's not a number with the letter x,. Example first char :
IFERROR(MID(A2,1,1)*1,"x") (take char 1 and multiplicate with 1. If its a letter you get an error and put leter X)
etc, for 7 positions, join with "&" and then search for xxx. If xxx exist you get a number an ISNUMBER gets true