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I am trying to execute the below and i am new to excel.

Below is a table of employee information. Based on Section 9.2.1 of the Employee Handbook and using Excel, create a schedule for the VP, Finance showing:

  1. The maximum contribution rate for each employee based on their years of service, as a June 1, 2020.
  2. The total maximum employee contribution amount and the total maximum employer contribution amount for each employee.
  3. The percentage change vs. last year for each employee’s 2020 salary increase.
  4. The average years of service for the group of employees.
  5. The average maximum contribution amount for each employee.

Employee Start Date 2019 Salary 2020 Salary

Smith 15-Jun-18 40,000 45,000

Johnson 1-Aug-90 90,000 91,200

Williams 25-Oct-97 100,000 107,000

Brown 17-Apr-19 37,000 42,000

Jones 3-Sep-04 55,500 58,000

Miller 22-May-18 60,000 63,000

Davis 10-Apr-13 - 42,000

Garcia 9-Jul-07 75,000 77,000

Rodriguez 13-Jul-14 50,000 54,500

Wilson 3-Jan-05 121,000 124,500

  1. On a separate tab, include the above data. Filter and show only those earning over 90,000 in 2020, sorted alphabetically
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