Need urgent help in formula

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So I have 3 Sheet A, B, C


In Sheet A , I have 3 columns , X Y Z



In Sheet B , I have Same column X, Y, Z . Whenever enter a new data in Sheet A  in line 7 Same data should get copied in Sheet B as well. 



When Sheet B get Updated, I want pivot to updated in Sheet C


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Not sure what B adds if it only copies A, however if you set B!A1=A!A:C that is the first problem sorted. Now, Pivots DO NOT automatically refresh, so you would either have to resort to VBA (to nudge the Pivot Table) or you would have give up on Pivot. Today, much of what your Pivot table might do can easily be replaced with SPILLs around FILTER.
Let's say that Field A7 on Sheet A I make XYZ. Same Data in Sheet B field A7 should paste itself automatically.
That was the easy bit. Taken care of with B!A1=A!A:C.