Need to write a formula to get data from another worksheet based on the date

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HI ,


I need help to write a formula to get my worksheet done.

there are two sheets in my worksheet "Day Production" and "Summary" I need to get all the information to the summary sheet which I entered into the day production sheet based on the given date at the top. 

and this must be under table format to use slicers


I've attached my worksheet. can anyone write a formula in the attachment itself?

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There's an issue with the way the workbook is arranged.   To take advantage of dynamic arrays, the Summary sheet must not be pre-formatted as table (Tables are dynamic in nature and expand when data is entered in the immediate perimeter but the do not play well with spilling). Naturally, converting it to a range also takes a way slicers.


My solution utilizes FILTER to fetch records based on the input date.


    header, DayProduction[#Headers],
    filtered, FILTER(DayProduction, DayProduction[Date] = Input, "None found"),
    VSTACK(header, filtered)