Need to perform a boolen seach repeatedly in excel


Is there any way to perform a boolean search that results and hits where two different words are contained? In the example I need to use, I have three columns: first name, middle name, and last name. I want to perform a search where one word ( such as brown) and  a second word (such as Dan) both appear. It doesn't matter whether Dan is in column A,B or C as long as Brown is in one of the other two columns. In other words the search would be “Brown” AND “Dan”. Is there any way to accomplish this? This would be a search that I would perform many times every day using a different combination of two words, so the ideal way to accomplish this would be if there is any way to use it in excel's embedded search. If not, is there a macro that I could use?

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If you're willing to use a helper column:


The formula in D2 is


This has been filled down.

You can now easily search column D for TRUE, or filter it for TRUE.