Need to add slash between no in the excel cell

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Hi Experts,

Do help me formatting the cell by inserting slash between no's


Input: 1234



Please Help

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Hi is it possible to make by using format sell tab please ?
Since placing formula is always difficult
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Yes, it is.




Thanks Ton,

But it is not working for Two Digits.


Input: 101055

Output: 10/10/5/5

Please Help


Your specifications change with every post. This could go on for years. Please clarify.




Just go >data>text to columns>fixed with>destination as $B$1 ( if the first cell you are using is A1 ) >then place the margin line just where you want to add the slash (please not using this form 01032020 input in cell will help you easily divide it into 01 03 2020) > use this =CONCATENATE(B1,"/",C1,"/",D1)  @Guru Ijare