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Hi! Lets get a certain example from my data sheet. So i got this bank statement (obviously, for safety reasons data were changed) as .CSV file and i need to import those bold data into another sheet. I can't find a formula to extract only those bolded data. I found few things online as "Convert text to columns" but it does not help me too much because i don't always have the same pattern (see eg. no. 3). Please, help me and make my life easier


Payment/lkfnsdfnsfs;invoice 015;28214764ce9998u41016cd7c5c-46dc-8uyrwuiyrw7;1596;COMPANY NAME ;klhfdajbfjjh998742;jlhfamfda807531
Payment;invoice 016,017;28214764ce243fd171e0lksfhlskggskljgsklgs-7584sdjklsn-hfdfd;COMPANY NAME;AFLDHFDKLD93737839390;LJFDHJFAD04
Payment;invoice 96;1612;COMPANY NAME;afpijfi959253021202I60564;AAALKDKJ44
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I'm finding it very difficult to believe that what you get as a bank statement resembles what you've shown.


I download bank statements as CSV files all the time... they're much more clear than what you're showing. And, they are "comma separated," that being what the C and S stand for.


So could you attach an actual CSV file, after first rendering the confidential parts into false, but still comparable, data elements? I.e., change text of company names to fictitious names, but still intelligible text, numbers of values to different values, but still values. etc.