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I need help in creating a formula. I thought I was good at this stuff but I guess not, because I can't figure it out. 


I was given a report in PDF format, to create. I do not have access to the original Excel, to copy it. 


Here is what I need help with:


Month Forecast - 10

MTD Delivered Units = 7.

Selling Days - 26

Selling Days Completed - 22


I need the tracking %, how much I need to go to hit forecast. In the example I sent, the tracking percentage came to 83%. I know I should be pacing 8 units at this time, not 7, so what percentage of my goal have I hit in 22 days?

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Here is a small example ... as far as I can understand what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

Attached is the file where you can see and use the simple formulas.


Hope to have helped you.



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The calculations are fine, individually, thank you. I just can't seem to put it in to one string. 



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I finally got that one together. You were 100% the reason I was able to. Thanks. Now, I have to figure out how to project a forecast, and how much I am pacing to reach a goal.


Attached two files that might help you in your project.


Many different templates that you can download for free from Microsoft and further develop if it suits you.

Forecast Templates



Thank you for your patience and time.


Wish you a nice day / night with lots of health, joy and love.



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