Need Macro to auto-populate master sheet with criteria


Hi there! I'm here looking for some help with an excel problem.


Attached is the workbook I need to edit. All the sheets are identical (with the exception of one hidden sheet) with the sheet names being different sales categories and the first sheet is the master sheet ("Prospects Master").


Each sheet will be populated with data, but when a tick is entered in columns J ("First Contact") or K ("Intro /Deck") I want all the data in that row to auto-populate into the master sheet. So the master sheet will be a list of clients/projects that are active. I would also like for the row to be automatically removed from the master sheet if column N ("Non Contract") is ticked on the associated sheet.


Is this possible?


I'm using Excel Office 365 version 16.47.1 on a Mac.


Many thanks!

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