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I wanted to create a spreadsheet that had 4-6 buttons tied to macros. If button 1 is pushed it fills column 1 by one increment, and timestamps the moment it is hit. Buttons 2 through 6 would do the same. 


Basically we are tracking behaviors on phone calls via recordings, but this would be for the associate to in a way monitor their own calls real time and have a visual readout. Apaint.jpg


So my spreadsheet in a perfect world would have roughly 5 buttons tied to macros, and each button would timestamp and fill a single increment  of a column to show a real time. 


Hopefully I am painting the right visualization, but it is basically showing a graph that grows by hitting a single button. Hit button a 1 time and the graph shows one unit. hit it again it shows 2. after the call it can be saved/cleared and then on to the next call.


It would be a visual representation to make sure all scored behaviors are covered.


Our calls are evaluated by a 3rd party and we have to challenge many of them so this would help us make sure if we were marked down in a behavior, that we can have a timestamped record of the fact we did indeed display a behavior. I know it's subjective but it can also be used for training purposes. 


Does anyone know the macro code to put in for a button to fill a graph increment? Is this beyond simple or beyond complex? Any help would be appreciated. 

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