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I downloaded an attendance record template in Excel and when I click in some of the empty cells a box pops up telling you what info to enter. How do I get rid of those? 

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There are two possibilities:

They might be data validation input messages.

  • Select the cell or cells.
  • On the Data tab of the ribbon, click Data Validation.
  • Check the Input Message tab.
  • If the text you see is there, you can edit/delete it.
  • Or you can click Clear All to remove the data validation rule altogether.

Alternatively, they might be comments.

  • Select the cell or cells with a popup.
  • Activate the Review tab of the ribbon.
  • If the Delete button in the Comments group is enabled, you can click it to delete the comment(s).

@Hans Vogelaar it was the data validation input message. I had never used it before and it was driving me crazy. LOL Thank you so much your help is greatly appreciated.