Need help with XLookup

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I need some serious help as I've been working on this for days and can't figure it out.

I need a search that can look for the data in column A AND in column D in sheet 1 and match that to Column D and F in sheet 2. Once it finds the match I need it to return the amount located in sheet 2 to sheet 1. 


I've used Vlookup to find the ref# in Column F on sheet 2, match to Column D in sheet 1 and give me the amount back. But that doesn't always work when the same value is located in column D


There should never been the same value in both column D and column A together so I want to search for them both before getting a value returned. I'd attach screenshots I took but can't figure out how.

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You can try this formula in order to return amounts from sheet2 column H.