Need Help with this formula

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I have 3 suppliers, Supplier A, B, C, but wants to add validation of their products before I add the cost to the total amount.


Thanks in advance.


It is my first time to post so hoping to get a response.

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Hi Twifoo,

Thanks for your response, however I am looking for a formula that will get the cost of the product from a list of supplier if the value of the product was set to YES and will be addends to a total amount. I don't know, IF and SEARCH Function will work.
Please illustrate a specific scenario of the output you want.

Thanks for the reply.


I come up with this formula.




I used 2 look up value using &, would there be a simplified formula than this one?

Given that your lookup-value argument is a concatenation of 2 values, please ensure that the leftmost column of your data range is equivalent to such concatenation; otherwise, your formula shall return the #N/A error if the value of Row 26 is "YES".