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Hi All! This is my first time on this community so hope I am doing things correctly!

Is there someone who can assist me please in how I can change a number of lines from negative numbers to positive ones? I work on windows 10  and office 365 for excel so using latest option. Am on "normal computer", not apple. will be appreciated, thank you!

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Select an empty cell.

Enter -1 in that cell.

Copy the cell (Ctrl+C).

Select the range of cells with negative numbers.

On the Home tab of the ribbon, click the lower half of the Paste button and select Paste Special...

Alternatively, right-click anywhere in the selected range and select Paste Special... from the context menu.

Select Multiply, then click OK.

You can now clear the cell in which you entered -1.

Hi @KittyKey92016110159092 


If you don't need to keep the initial negative values:

  • Select the cells containg the negative values you want to change to positive values
  • CTRL + H
  • Replace what: -
  • Replace with: don't enter anything

If you need to keep the initial negative values, one option given you use Excel 365 - in a free cell:

  • Enter =ABS(
  • Select the cells containing the negative values
  • Add a closing the parenthese

This should look something like: =ABS(A2:D6)


NB that there must be enough free cells around the cell where you enter the above formula, otherwise you'll get a #SPILL! error. With the above example where 4 columns (A-D) and 5 rows (#2-#6) are involved there must be an area of 4 consecutive columns and 5 consecutive rows of cells free of any value. Hope that's clear otherwise let me know