Need help with formula as not sure what am doing wrong

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Could someone help please? The formula for column I is


What I need and am struggling to work out is I need Column J to auto populate with text from AB10 through AB34 when column I auto populates.

To make it even worse, I also need coloumn E to auto populate with text from AB39 through AB43 when column I auto populates.




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The screen capture is very small. If you're able to upload the workbook (even w/dummy data), I can take a look. Thank you.

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Sorry, I misread your original posting.  You clearly wrote:  ``The formula for column I is =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(H11,$Y$10:$Z$34,2,FALSE)) ....``

@Patrick2788 I kept getting the page to register again while trying to login so now responding with Stephen010610.

Anyway, table attached.

@Joe User thanks for your reply, I am responding as Stephen010610 as when I tried to login, all I got was the register page. anyway table attached.

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As variant

in J

in E

@Sergei Baklan Hi Sergei, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the formula provided for J did not work but the formula for E did work. Then I thought what if I recalculate the formula for J along similar lines to E but change the cell letter/number, and it worked so thanks for your assistance, my problem has been resolved.




Stephen, glad to know you sorted this out, thank you for the feedback.