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I have a 10-year income/expense budget projection for a condo-hotel operation.  There is a 60-40 split of rental revenue after expenses between the hotel owner and the individual owners of each condo unit in the hotel.  The formulas in the spreadsheet were accidentally reversed (showing 40% to the hotel owner and 60% to each unit owner).  I need to reverse the formulas that are already in the spreadsheet to show the correct 60-40 split, but don't know how to do it.    Can anyone help me with this?

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It would be a lot easier to know how to reverse the formulas if you would be so kind as to show us the formula.


In fact, even better would be if you could (after first removing any confidential info like names of owners) post a copy of the spreadsheet to OneDrive or GoogleDrive, putting a link to it on this forum (and granting access).

Here is the link to the spreadsheet in my OneDrive:
[Link Removed]
I have highlighted in yellow the 2 cells in each column (10 columns total, 1 for each year) that need to have the formulas flipped with the other highlighted cell in each column (from a 40-60 split to a 60-40 split). Thanks for your help!

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E47 contains: 

=(E45-E51)*'Condo Unit ProformaAssumptions'!$E$14

E49 contains:

=(E45-E51)*'Condo Unit ProformaAssumptions'!$E$13


The file is in Viewing mode. When I change it to Edit mode external links are removed and can not see the Assumptions sheet. But I guess E14 in that sheet contains 60% and E13 contains 40%. Just change it to 40% and 60%.




Now that @Riny_van_Eekelen has answered your question, may I strongly suggest that you edit your post with the link to your spreadsheet and remove that link. Your spreadsheet contains no individual information per se, but clearly has a lot of what I would assume to be business-confidential data.

Thank you! It worked! I appreciate your help very much. Have a great day!
Done. Thank you very much for your help!