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Hi Everyone! I am the IT tech at a school and I need help with an Excel formula. Our school has about a thousand Chromebooks and a lot of them came from federal grants. I have 2 Excel spreadsheets. One of the spreadsheets has a list of all of the Chromebook serial numbers in one column. The column next to it has the name of the grant that each serial number came from. The 2nd spreadsheet has a bunch of tabs (one for each classroom). Each tab has the serial number of the Chromebooks in each classroom.


What I am trying to do is figure out a formula that would check each serial number from the 2nd spreadsheet (the one that is broken down in tabs by classroom) against the first spreadsheet (the list of every serial number in one column and the name of the grant in the second column) and then insert the name of the corresponding grant in the column to the right of each Chromebook.


To make this easier, I already combined the spreadsheets.


TAB 1 has 2 columns. The 1st column is a list of every Chromebook serial number in the school. The 2nd column is the corresponding grant.


The rest of the tabs are the classrooms. Each tab is named by the classroom number. In each tab is 1 column that has the serial numbers of all of the Chromebooks in that Classroom. 


Basically, I just want a formula that I would put in the column next to the serial number of each tab that would reference TAB 1 and fill in the corresponding grant name.

I am sorry if I made this sound more confusing than it really is. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Activate the first of the classroom sheets.

In B2 (assuming that row 1 contains headers), enter the formula


=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A2, 'TAB 1'!$A:$B, 2, FALSE), "")


Replace TAB 1 with the real name of that sheet, then fill down to the last used row (for example by double-clicking the fill handle of cell B2).


Repeat for the other classroom sheets.